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Ancestors of Allen Francis "Frank" HARRISON

First Generation

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My Newton County MS Connection


1. Allen Francis "Frank" HARRISON was born 20 Jun 1939 in Duffee, Newton Co., MS. [Parents]

Allen married Sandra Loretta Castles and they had three boys and one girl. The oldest son is a supervisor for a large Parcel Deliverer Co. in TX, the second son is a supervisor for a shipyard and the youngest son is in his last year of Medical School. The daughter was a school teacher before being killed in 1995, she had two children. The granddaughter is living with the wife and myself and the grandson is living with his father and come to visit every other weekend. The second have son has two children a boy and a girl and the oldest has a girl.

You may note that my family line join the JOHNSON family on my father side as my grandmother was Hosanah Johnson. On my mother side I join the JOHNSON a few more generation back, as my great-great-grandmother was Mary Rebecca Johnson.

I should have named one of my boys William Henry as both of my grandfathers was named William Henry.


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