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Clearman - pafg02.htm - Generated by Personal Ancestral File

Descendants of Jacob CLEARMAN

Second Generation

3. Jemina CLEARMAN (Jacob )

Jemina married Ambrosa DOLLAR.

They had the following children:

  10 M i Reuben Pickney CLEARMAN
        Reuben married Francis RISENHOVER.
  11 M ii Ambrosia W. CLEARMAN
        Ambrosia married Martha REECE.
  12 M iii James M. CLEARMAN
        James married Sylvia VANCE.
  13 M iv Jacob Clearman
        Jacob married Carolyn McELROY.
  14 F v Jane CLEARMAN
        Jane married Henry JOHNSON.
  15 F vi Sarah Ann CLEARMAN
        Sarah married William L. BROWN.
  16 F vii Hannah CLEARMAN
        Hannah married John LOPER.
  17 M viii William Henry CLEARMAN
        William married Rachel MAYBERRY.

4. Sarah CLEARMAN (Jacob ).

Sarah married William THOMPSON.

They had the following children:

  18 F i Elizabeth THOMPSON was born 1827.
  19 M ii John THOMPSON was born 1832.
  20 F iii Nancy THOMPSON was born 1836.
  21 M iv William THOMPSON was born 1841.

5. William Leslie CLEARMAN (Jacob ) was born 9 Nov 1807 in Pendleton Dist. South Carolina. He died 18 Oct 1892 in Newton Co., MS. and was buried in Blue Spring Cemetery Chunky, MS..

William married (1) Lucretia SPEAKS on 1835. Lucretia was born 19 Mar 1816 in Florida. She died 11 Jun 1867 in Newton Co., MS. and was buried in Blue Spring Cemetery Chunky, MS..

They had the following children:

+ 22 F i Emily Lucretia CLEARMAN
  23 M ii William Washington CLEARMAN was born 1837.
        William married Margaret LOPER.
+ 24 M iii Newton Richmond CLEARMAN
+ 25 F iv Adelia Ann CLEARMAN
+ 26 F v Mary CLEARMAN
+ 27 M vi James Dollar CLEARMAN
+ 28 M vii John Taylor CLEARMAN
  29 F viii Sally CLEARMAN was born 1850.
        Sally married Jerry HARRIS.
  30 F ix Hannan Susan CLEARMAN was born 23 Apr 1852. She died 31 Aug 1915.
+ 31 M x Robert Van CLEARMAN

William also married (2) Martha KEITH. Martha was born 14 Feb 1829. She died 8 Feb 1891.

They had the following children:

+ 32 M xi Andrew CLEARMAN

6. Catherine CLEARMAN (Jacob ).

Catherine married Patrick NEAL.

They had the following children:

  33 M i George NEAL was born 1832.
  34 M ii Theodore NEAL was born 1835.
  35 M iii William NEAL was born 1837.
  36 M iv David NEAL was born 1839.
  37 F v Mary NEAL was born 1841.
        Mary married John A. BLACK.
  38 M vi Shafer NEAL was born 1843.
  39 F vii Elizabeth NEAL was born 1846.
        Elizabeth married H. H. JENNINGS.

7. George Washington CLEARMAN (Jacob )

George married Eliza CRAWFORD.

They had the following children:

  40 F i Samelda CLEARMAN
  41 F ii Martha CLEARMAN
  42 F iii Henrietta CLEARMAN
+ 43 M iv Emmett CLEARMAN
  44 M v James CLEARMAN
+ 45 M vi George W. CLEARMAN
+ 46 M vii Thomas King CLEARMAN

8. Benjamin Franklin CLEARMAN (Jacob ).

Benjamin married Eliza HARRIS.

They had the following children:

  47 F i Isabelle CLEARMAN was born 1838 in AL.
  48 F ii Drucilla CLEARMAN was born 1842 in AL.
  49 F iii Henrietta CLEARMAN was born 1844 in AL.
  50 M iv Robert CLEARMAN was born 1840 in AL.
  51 F v Leah CLEARMAN was born 1845 in AL.

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