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My Newton County MS Connection


By Allen Francis "Frank" Harrison

Descendants of JOHNSON family of Ireland


This family immigrated to America in the early 1740's after the death of their father in Ireland. The two brothers were Isaac and Henry Johnson. They had an uncle that was already living in Maryland at the time. Information in this section follows the descendants of Henry Johnson. This Johnson family in the late 1700's and most of the 1800's played a large part in the America Government.


Most of the information on the Johnson family in this section came from a book published by Jeanne Hand Henry in 1977. My CROSS and HAND Families and BEEMAN, HAMRICK, JOHNSON, PAGE, POOLE, VANCE, WELLS, WILLIAMSON, and WOODWARD Families. I have added update information to many of the families.

Another researcher on the Johnson was Lee Johnson of Newton County, Mississippi. His information at this time is being compiled to publish a book at a later date. His information will add more names to the Johnson family and about 50 to 75 pages of information on how our Johnson ancestor lived and the type of work they did. Our ancestors played an important role this Country over the years.

Two daughters of Mary Rebecca Johnson are listed in other section. Savannah Woodward is listed in the BEEMAN section

Sarah Lucinda Woodward is listed in the MUNN section

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