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Allen Francis "Frank" Harrison and wife Sandra L. Castles


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Books still in production on these families:

BROOKS/HARRISON/DEAN of Newton Co., MS in hardback 300 pages

by Frank Harrison and John Frazier

MUNN family, titled as Where is Susan in soft-back by John Munn

My Cross and Hand Families, Beeman, Hamrick, Johnson, Page, Poole, Vance, Wells, Williamson, and Woodward by Jeanne Hand Henry 286 pages with each family sir-name having their own section

Books out of print

BEEMAN family by Ray Beeman see Bíman home page


BENJAMIN HITT and NANCY CURNAL their Antecedents and Descendants

by Vada H. Phillips and Beatrice P. Myers

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Newton County Mississippi Connection

 Ancestors of Allen Francis "Frank" Harrison

 BEEMAN Family


 BROOKS Family

 HITT Family




 MUNN Family

 DEAN Family

 THAMES Family

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We have shared our information with you and now we would like for you to share your information with us. If you think that you may connect to any of the families listed above, e-mail your information so we will also be given a chance to view your family information. E-mail any correction or addition that you may have on any of the families above.

Most of you viewing these web pages have done as I have. I have spend many years researching, spent lots of money, received loving memory of my ancestor, doing all of this with a lot of love for my family and meet untold new family members and became good friends. These new Cuz and good friend is by telephone which ATT love. No one could pay enough money for all the JOY that I have received during my research years. These web pages for my Newton County Mississippi Connection have the work of other family member researcher. In some cases most of the family history is by another family. I did get permission to put their information on the web in these pages.

Allen Francis "Frank" Harrison